ACBS BeNe 2020

Join us in Antwerpen in Belgium for the Dutch ACT conference on March 19-20, 2020.

Meet the amazing Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Robyn Walser, Ross White and many many more.

And of course you are invited to Rikkes trainings at this conference right here ☟☟☟

ACBS BeNe key-note:

Practice what you preach:

Getting down and dirty in experiential ACT

presented by Rikke Kjelgaard

ACT is a therapy model that is hugely based on experiential work. Through metaphors, various exercises and experiential processes we invite our clients to contact their own experiences in order to step out of rule-governed living into a richer, more values-based and meaningful life. In this keynote Rikke Kjelgaard will talk about the experiential work in ACT and how it applies to therapists as well. With emphasis on self-compassion therapists are invited to do some experiential work to enhance skills in modelling ACT with our clients – practicing what we preach.

March 19th at 4 PM


Top ten mistakes you don’t want to make as an ACT therapist

presented by Rikke Kjelgaard

What are some of the common mistakes we make as therapists? And once we get stuck in these, how do we get unstuck again? This workshop lists 10 common therapist mistakes in a compassionate and humorous way. Through self-disclosure and role-plays we will explore these mistakes and ways of avoiding them. Participant are invited to re-visit their own therapist mistakes and transform these into learning opportunities. This highly experiential workshop is run by licensed psychologist, passionate public speaker and peer reviewed ACT trainer Rikke Kjelgaard.

March 20th at 9 am

ACBS BeNE 2020 program