I’m rikke

nice to meet you.

I'm your wingwoman.

Licensed psychologist. Expert and peer reviewed trainer in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Awarded Fellow of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science. Author. Public Speaker. Chief rock’n’roller in my own business. Lifecoach. Butt-kicker(!) 

[And much, much more.]

TEACHING you to practice what you preach

this is me.

Born and raised in Denmark and currently living in Southern Sweden with my amazing boys.

For more than a decade I have helped my incredible clients thrive and live mighty and purposeful lives. 

And I have passionately empowered and taught thousands of mental health professionals transformative skills based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. 

I teach therapists to walk the talk. To be brave and authentic. To model the model. And to be the change.

I teach and help the helpers.

I am here to guide you in stepping out of your comfort zone and transform the way you see yourself and your clients. By exploring and connecting with your deep core values I help you become brave, confident, compassionate and flexible in your professional as well as in your personal life. 

Rikke Kjelgaard - psychologist, author and expert in ACT

Let’s talk about you.

You’re a gamechanger. You show up every day and transform the lives of the people that you serve. Your clients really matter to you and you want to provide the most effective therapy or coaching.

And you wonder: am I doing it all right?

Right? Well thank you for showing up human. Being a helper can be hard. One of the many things that I adore about you is your desire to keep growing professionally and personally. 

And I can help you with that.


Is my



A geek.
An imposter.
And chief rock'n'roller.

I’ve worked with ACT since 2005 and in many ways I’m a total geek when it comes to behaviour therapy. And although my therapist students seem to benefit from that, my children and partner sometimes roll their eyes when I get way too geeky. Occupational hazard.

I’ve done my fair share of workshops (+400)  and I have attended quite a few too (I’ve stopped counting). I’ve read (some of the) books. I’ve even written one.

Rikke Kjelgaard - psychologist and expert in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

And. I. Still. Don't. Know. Enough.

I’m often feeling like a complete fraud and I keep comparing myself to *all the stars*.

Throughout the years I’ve come to realise that I’m not alone in that. I’m so deeply humbled by the many therapists who have willingly shared these same vulnerable experiences with me.  

And through that process I found my hand-on-my heart calling:

Teaching therapists to be authentic and brave badasses

Rikke Kjelgaard - psychologist, ACT trainer, author & chief rock'n'roller

At one point in my life I decided to not let myself be held back by my own inner critic. And while I still struggle with imposter syndrome, it no longer get’s to define me and what I can do. I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who have supported me. And people who have not. All of whom has taught me a great deal about my own strength.

Today I am the chief rock’n’roller of my own company. And I get to do what I love the most:

Teaching therapists the skills of ACT and to practice what they preach with bravery, authenticity and finding their own unique style.

what if you can ?

Want to get up really close and personal with me?


Behind the scenes...


I laugh loud and wholeheartedly and I love others into the depths of my soul.


I cry in (almost) every training or presentation that I do. 


I have lived in the Maldives and have a shark diver certificate. 


I have traveled the world for many years and (used to) speak a lot of languages.


I play music all of the time and sing along (whenever appropriate or close to appropriate). Ask my children.


I looooooooove concerts, musicals and theatre. 


I’ve had my heart broken badly and keep learning from that experience.


At my house we practice gratitude towards each other every day at dinner and tell each other how much we love one another. 


I once did a 75 minute talk with my dress stuck at my back and my ass showing the entire time.


I have climbed mountains in Himalaya and I’m a trained rescue diver.


I walk, talk and sometimes laugh (a lot) in my sleep.


I’ve learned about the meaning of true friendships and have the best close friends and life witnesses that I treasure deeply. 


I (still) go on holidays with my parents and see them as much as I can. I often bring (and talk about) my mum at conferences.


I was 40 before I learned to ask for help.


If I could choose a song that would play each time I enter a room, it would be “We will rock you”.

Rikke Kjelgaard