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Rikke Kjelgaard

Rikke Kjelgaard

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I'm Rikke

Are you dreaming about learning the effective and actionable skills for creating meaningful and lasting change for your clients and for yourself?

You have come to the right person.

Rikke Kjelgaard - expert in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

For more than 15 years I’ve helped thousands of practitioners worldwide master Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with confidence, fluidity and ease. And I’ve helped them transform their own lives using the wisdom and science of ACT.

I’m a clinical psychologist, author, public speaker and peer reviewed ACT trainer. I’m the chief rock’n’roller in my own business and a proud changemaker and empowerment mentor for badass women.

I am all about ACT.

Are you ready to make a change?

Imagine mastering a skill and a method that just works. A method that transforms the lives of your clients. A method that is deeply meaningful to you. That speaks to your soul. A method that becomes much more than just a method: it becomes a way of being in this world. This is what ACT can do and does for both practitioners and for the people that we serve.

My hand-to-heart mission is to help passionate changemakers like yourself become highly skilled at ACT. To feel confident in your strategies, to use the head, hands and the heart of ACT in your transformational conversations, and to be deeply authentic as humans and practitioners.

ACT has the power to change the life for your clients. And for you.

My core values

Your growth is my passion

I am your greatest cheerleader

I’m a clinical psychologist with many years of experience in teaching, coaching, treating, presenting, implementing and supervising in ACT and I’m a frequent public speaker at the international stage. I have implemented ACT in a variety of settings and I’m used to work with brand new beginners as well as hardcore specialists.

And I know that YOU can be super skilled in ACT. 

Rikke Kjelgaard




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Let's talk about you

Are you the helper of others?

May I guess that you are here because you wish to enhance your techniques and therapeutic skills? You’re passionate about making a change in this world and your clients truly matter to you. You want to learn the method that makes it possible for you to reach mighty and meaningful results in a short time. And you dream about learning the evidence-based, manageable and transformational tools that you can use right away.

I am the one that helps you.

I teach you all about ACT.

loooooove ACT and the amazing change that this model can create for people. And I am deeply passionate about showing you how you too can have great succes with your transformational conversations. And be authentic, brave and compassionate all the way too.

I’ve done more than 400 workshops in ACT (I’ve stopped counting!), and I have the pleasure and privilege of continuously participating in courses and conferences where I myself can learn and grow. I am doing my best to make my trainings understandable, sometimes even fun, always vulnerable and consistently useful. 

I’m the very (!) proud author of the first Swedish written book about ACT for professionals (yeah, baby!).

In 2020 I was awarded Fellow of The Association for Contextual Behavioral Science. It’s an outstanding recognition of one’s academic and human contributions to the science and practice of alleviation of suffering in this world. 


Russ Harris

Rikke is a powerhouse in the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy community

An excellent therapist and trainer, she has mastered the art of giving practical, engaging, fun, life-changing workshops. Whether you want to learn ACT from scratch, or take your skills to the next level, you’ve come to the right person.

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mød flere glade kunder her

Just between you & me

Want to get up really close and personal with me?

Well step right this way…

behind the scenes

Fun (or not so fun) facts about me:

I travelled the world for 5 years before starting my psychology training (to my parents’ great worry!).

I’ve lived in the Maldives and I’m a certified shark diver as well as rescue diver.

I love concerts, musicals and theatre and I play music all. the. time. I’m happy to sing along when it’s appropriate (or close to appropriate). Ask my boys.

Rikke Kjelgaard - psychologist, author and ACT trainer

I once did a 75 minute talk with my dress stuck at my back and my a** showing the entire time. 

In 2018 I went trekking in the Himalayas with my then 71 year old (badass!) mother. I have since then collected and donated enough money to build a school in Nepal.

I’m born and raised in Denmark but have not lived there for more than 20 years. I ended up outside Malmoe in Sweden when a Swedish man stole my heart. I now travel between Denmark and Sweden all of the time.

If I could choose a song that would play each time I enter a room, it would be “We will rock you”.