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I’m so happy that you are here, precious. That means that you are ready to take your next – maybe even first – step on your ACT journey. Those you serve are fortunate to have you in their life!


2 year ACT specialist training

Unique, highly renowned 2 year training program in ACT with world class trainers: Kelly Wilson, Kirk Strosahl, Robyn Walser, Niklas Törneke, Patricia Robinson, Benjamin Schoendorff, Louise Hayes, Russ Harris & Rikke Kjelgaard

the ACT practitioner's academy

Do you need a place to hang with like-minded ACT enthusiasts and get expert advice on how to grow your skills and your life with ACT? Come join the ACT practitioners’s academy. Each month you’ll get tips, tricks, training and supervision by Rikke Kjelgaard. And you’ll get access to a private, compassionate community of fellow practitioners who will support you on your journey.

Steven Hayes

The 2 year ACT specialist training is an exemplary program with excellent workshop leaders and the kind of follow through that can make a permanent difference in your practice. Highly recommended.

Founder of ACT


Meeting Rikke – as an ACT trainer and a supervisor – was a life-chaniging experience. She empowered me to take many bold steps toward more fulfilling professional and private life. She is also an excellent role mode for me, I am forever inspired by her truly experiential approach in teaching ACT and FAP, her deep understanding of behavioral processes, her authenticity and her widely open heart. 

ACT trainer and ACT therapist, trauma specialist, co-founder of website

Sabina Sadecka

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Dr. Louise Hayes

Rikke Kjelgaard’s work is the best! She inspires, transforms and changes lives forever with her courageous leadership style. Rikke combines psychological flexibility models with empowerment and feminism to help individuals and organisations. Attend Rikke’s training and you’ll go away with a dose of fearlessness — and, who wouldn’t want that.

PhD, Clinical Psychologist, author