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trauma-focused act

Join us for Cocktails & Courageous Conversations

Imagine going to a casual social event. (It’s actually so casual that you can attend in your favourite sweatpants. If any pants at all). You are enjoying your favourite cocktail. You are listening to amazing and inspiring people talk about something that you are passionate about. That – my dear – is the essence of Cocktails & Courageous Conversations. 

Bring your own cocktail and join me and Russ Harris as we hang out after work.

In this webinar Russ Harris and myself will talk about Trauma-Focused ACT

Trauma-focused ACT (TFACT) is neither a protocol nor a treatment for one specific disorder, such as PTSD. It is a compassion-based, exposure-centered approach to doing ACT, which is:

(a) trauma- informed: drawing upon relevant fields, such as evolutionary science, polyvagal theory, attachment theory, and inhibitory learning theory; 

(b) trauma-aware: attuned to the possible role of trauma in a wide range of clinical issues; and 

(c) trauma-sensitive: alert to the risks of experiential work, especially mindfulness meditation.

TFACT has three interweaving strands that apply to all trauma-related issues: living in the present, healing the past, and building the future.

When and where is this happening?

This event will be livestreamed inside my impACT facebookgroup for (com)passionate ACT practitioners and a replay will be available afterwards.

February 17th at 11:00 AM CET.

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