Interviews with Rikke

Here are some of the interviews that Rikke has been featured in


In this podcast Rikke is being interviewed by the amazing Annick Seys about practicing what we preach when doing psychotherapy.

People Soup #1 by Ross McIntosh

Listen to Rikkes personal journey into ACT and to the story about getting up when life knocks you down.

People Soup #2 by Ross McIntosh

In this podcast Rikke uncovers the process of Creative Hopelessness in ACT.

The Virtual Conference Live Talks

In this podcast Rikke is being interviewed by Dr. Dov Benyaacov-Kurtzman from the Contextual Behavioral Science Academy. Rikke talks about her way into ACT and about how to handle the Corona crisis.

ACT in context

In this episode we talk explicitly about letting ourselves be human as helping professionals and using that vulnerability to help us finely tune our interactions in coming in contact with our clients own experiences.

The ACT in Context Podcast is co-hosted by Timothy Gordon & Joanne Steinwachs.