Russ Harris

Rikke is a powerhouse in the ACT community. An excellent therapist and trainer, she has mastered the art of giving practical, engaging, fun, life-changing workshops. Whether you want to learn ACT from scratch, or take your skills to the next level, you’ve come to the right person.

Dr. Russ Harris

Author of the international best-selling self-help book ‘The Happiness Trap’, is an world-renowned trainer of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Louise Hayes

Rikke Kjelgaard’s work is the best! She inspires, transforms and changes lives forever with her courageous leadership style. Rikke combines psychological flexility models with empowerment and feminism to help individuals and organisations. Attend Rikke’s training and you’ll go away with a dose of fearlessness — and, who wouldn’t want that. 

Dr. Louise Hayes

PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Past President ACBS, Author of, Get Out of Your mind and Into Your Life for Teens, The Thriving Adolescent, and Your Life Your Way.

Jill Stoddard

Rikke is one of the most engaging and talented trainers I know. She loves what she does and it shows. Her vulnerability and authenticity make her workshops incredibly meaningful. She is a beacon of light and inspiration and I highly recommend learning from her. I know I seek her out every chance I get! 

Dr. Jill Stoddard

Licensed Psychologist, Founder/Director of The Center for Stress and Anxiety Management. Co-host Psychologists Off The Clock podcast. Recognized ACT Trainer. Author of Be Mighty and The Big Book of ACT Metaphors.

Sabina Sadecka

Meeting Rikke – as an ACT trainer and a supervisor – was a life-chaniging experience. She empowered me to take many bold steps toward more fulfilling professional and private life. She is also an excellent role mode for me, I am forever inspired by her truly experiential approach in teaching ACT and FAP, her deep understanding of behavioral processes, her authenticity and her widely open heart. 

Sabina Sadecka

ACT trainer and ACT therapist, trauma specialist, co-founder of website

Sarah Pegrum

Attending Rikke’s workshops challenged my previous assumptions and bias around vulnerability and compassion (that I didn’t even realise I held). It helped me see the common humanity and the beauty in vulnerability, as well as the strength in it. Thus I no longer fear vulnerability, and I can see that you can be vulnerable and be an absolute badass. I can also see that some beautiful and amazing connections are born out of a vulnerable space, and i am more open to walking into that uncomfortable space in order to create those connections. Rikke’s workshops were some of the most moving ones I have attended, and have been instrumental in me making shifts in both my professional and personal life. Inspirational.

Sarah Pegrum

Licensed psychologist

Pawel Dyberny

Amongst many trainers teaching how to live a kind, open-hearted life, Rikke stands out as a gem. Her presence radiates with compassionate warmth and pure authenticity. Most importantly, she’s very gifted in teaching mental health professionals how to become safe harbors for their clients. If you want to be more skillful, flexible and process-oriented in your work, Rikke’s workshops are the option to choose.

Pawel Dyberny

Certified coach, ACT trainer, English philologist. Past President of Polish ACBS Chapter's Review Committee. Co-founder of the biggest ACT training platform in Poland.

Darrick Ball

Rikke has given me the kind of space I want for myself and for those whom I serve. I highly recommend anyone who is interested. Rikke is compassionate and caring. Her skill at being with the feelings of others escapes description. Rikke responds compassionately and empathically to emotions. If you’re having a hard time expressing vulnerable emotions Rikke provides a great space open for this experience and she is very graceful at modeling compassionate responses. 

Darrick Ball

LCSW, Clinical Therapist and Counsellor